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The Gentlemen's Bar


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Our Mystery Box is to liven up your new norm life. It is also a great item to gift a friend or a family member. Remember the times when you sweat it out just to find the perfect gift Well, a mystery box can definitely help you out of such a dilemma. 

So, what's in the box? Accessories from The Gentlemen's Bar, range from bowtie, necktie, pocket square, bucket hat, tie clip and lapel pin.

- Mystery Box of RM99, consists of 3 accessories worth approx. RM199

Mystery Box of RM159, consists of 3 accessories worth approx. RM269

- Mystery Box of RM189, consists of 3 accessories worth approx. RM319

- Mystery Box of RM229, consists of 4 accessories worth approx. RM389

- Mystery Box of RM269, consists of 4 accessories worth approx. RM459

Free shipping within Malaysia.

Take a risk, try something new and embrace the unknown!