Our Story

The Gentlemen's Bar was established in 2016 as a men's accessory brand founded by Fei. She tagged along her mum, Fun who is a tailor. 
" I am always drawn to men's fashion and I noticed the market is niche for mens accessories and that's how I decided to start this business.' says Fei.
With our passion for men's fashion and to fill up the gap in the markets, we started with pocket squares and slowly expanded the offerings to ties, bowties and lapel pins.
The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban Gentleman and we believe that clothing is a language that communicates one’s individualistic qualities. 
We source our materials from all around the world and definitely one of a kind. What makes our products unique are the limited pieces and quirky fabrics that we proudly make each design a collector's item.

Made in Malaysia
The Gentlemen's Bar takes pride in workmanship and attention to detail. Using traditional techniques, everything is uniquely handcrafted by us. Until recently, we employ our local female craftsmen, those who needs to assist their family financially to join us. "When you empower women and help them thrive, you help their communities thrive." says Fei.